Drugs / Gray Poem

From “Heaven And Other Poems”

In Garver’s drug-drenched room Kerouac wrote much of “Mexico City Blues”, which Ginsberg considered one of the greatest poems ever written, but couldn’t persuade Jack to read it at 6 Gallery on the big night. Much later (1964) Dylan told Ginsberg that Mexico City Blues ‘tuned him into American poetry’.

Jack Kerouac said: "I consider myself a jazz poet…I’ve always spent my time in skid row or in jazz joints or with personal poet madmen and never cared what “Intelligentsia” thinks. My love of poetry is love of joy…I have been writing my heart out all my life..I am only a jolly storyteller and have nothing to do with politics and my only plan is the old Chinese Way of the Tao: 'avoid the authorities.' "