Everybody Sing

“America I’m putting my queer shoulder to the wheel”,

Allen Ginsberg declared in “America”(1956). This was written in 1973 – by which time the beat poet was singing and dancing his sexual politics and his brand of free love all over the world. But his homosexuality wasn’t always so easy for him – he was seriously trying to get being gay out of his system for a while in the 50’s (or so he told his psychiatrist). Trouble was he always fell in love with heterosexual men – like Jack & Neal who might occasionally blow and go that way, but were absolute womanisers. Peter Orlovsky, with whom Allen Ginsberg shared his life for over 30 years, really preferred to make love with women.

The tormented beat poet wrote in 1955: “My grief was at not loving myself, my mind is crazed by homosexuality”.