John Turnbull, co-creator, writer and front man of Birth Of The Cool plans to bring this seductive jazz cabaret to the birthplace of the beat generation.

Backed by three fine jazz musicians, Paul Cutlan (Sax & Composer), Steve Arie (Bass) and Fabian Hevia (Drums & Vibes), the Bebop Jazz era, the beat generation and the beat poets it inspired and are often one voice in this critically acclaimed and enticing one man show.

John Turnbull, a highly skilled actor, gives a sensual and funny 75 minute intimate rendering of the writings, gossip, history and Bebop Jazz inspired poetry of beat poets, Kerouac, Ginsberg, Ferlinghetti, Burroughs and Corso.

The Band, Director, Producer, Show Specs and Birth Of The Cool History are detailed on page right.

BOTC History: