This is Jack Kerouac and Neal. Out they jump in the warm mad night, hungry for jazz and uproars of music.

The show takes a little of Jack Kerouac from "On The Road" and "Visions Of Cody" - cool words - and adds the hot jazz - original Bebop, composed for Birth Of The Cool by saxophonist, Paul Cutlan:

Jack Kerouac and Neal hitting a favourite jazz dive, probably the Three Deuces. An exuberant tribute to Charley “Bird” Parker, Lester Young, Dizzy Gillespie and the young Miles Davis. For Parker, Blues was the basis of jazz, and Kerouac agreed, his writing inspired by jazzmen and the vituoso ad-libbing of greats like Charlie Parker:

“Charley burst His lungs to reach the speed / Of what the speedsters wanted. And what they wanted / Was the Eternal Slowdown .. ”